How-to Videos

Setting Up Your Bouncer Pt. 1

Setting up a bouncer within 10 minutes

     Setting up a bounce house is very simple and
shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes.  You can start by clearing a 20’x20′
area of all rocks, sticks, and animal droppings.  Lay down your tarp
keeping in mind that the short ends will be the front and back of the bouncer.

    Next, set the rolled-up moonwalk on the short end of the
tarp which you’d like to be the back of your setup.  Un-hook the
straps, unroll the bouncer, then un-fold it.  There should be just
enough room at the front of the inflatable for the kids to take off their
shoes on  the tarp.

    At this point, you have 3 things to do before inflatation.
1) Makes sure the zipper on the side of the unit is closed. 
It can be found under the velcro flap and is about 4 ft long in included on
your moonwalk.  2) Attach one of the blower tubes to
theblower with the attached straps ) Use the attached
strap on the un-used blower tube to tie it off- you don’t want any air
escaping. NOTE: It doesnt matter which tube you use for the
blower. Now you can flip the switch on the blower.

    Once the bounce house is up, use the provided stakes to
anchor the unit to the ground (there is a tether in each corner). 




Setting Up Your Bouncer Pt. 2


If you have performed the steps above and the unit isn’t inflating, check
these items before calling for help: 

Is the blower not turning on? Check your plug for a GFI
test button.  Check your circuit panel to be sure the breaker hasn’t
tripped.  Try a different extension cord.

Is the jumper not fully inflating?  Check to make
sure the blower tube is securely attached to the blower – if you can feel
air escaping, re-tie it.  Next, check to see that there is no twist or
kink in the blower tube limiting the airflow.  Then, check the other
blower tube to be sure no air is escaping.  Finally, you will want to
double check that the zipper is entirely closed and the velcro flap is shut. 
If everything looks right, you might just need to give the moonwalk a little
‘push’ to rise into place.

Setting Up Your Bouncer Pt.

Taking it Down, Rolling It Up

      If you are in a hurry to re-roll the
inflatable, you’ll have some trouble.  So plan ahead and give yourself
a little time.

      First, detach the two blower tubes and
un-zip the zipper.  Let the unit sit for a few minutes and most of the
air will escape.  At this point, we suggest walking around on the unit
with your shoes off to flatten it as much as possible.  Once it is as
flat as it will get….walk around some more!  This is the most
important part.

      Next, you will fold the unit in thirds. 
First though, fold the step in.  Now,one person will grab the front
right corner while someone elese grabs the back right corner….you will be
folding toward the center of the bouncer.  Walk around on the folded
edge to get it as flat as possible.  Now, do the same thing with the
left side of the unit, being sure to walk around on the newly folded edge. 

      At this point, you will have a long
rectangular fold with two tubes sticking out the back.  Walk around on
the inflatable one more time to make your upcoming task a bit easier. 
You will now start ROLLING (not folding) the unit from front to back,
pushing the excess air out the blower tubes as you go.  It is
imperative to get a very tight first roll and use your weight to compress
the roll every few feet.  Once it’s totally rolled up, you can use the
provided straps to cinch it like it was when you received it. 

      Now, that
wasn’t too bad, was it?